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Hasko Hasko

Hasko Hasko was born in 1973 Afreen, Syria. He is a graduate of the Faculty of Fine Arts from the University of Damascus in 2000 and specialized in oil painting. Hasko currently lives and works in Damascus and is a member of the Union of Syrian Fine Artists. “It’s hard to be an artist in Syria because society doesn’t always accept us,” Hasko said. “Now, with Syrian art fetching high prices on the international market, life is becoming easier. There’s more respect. Before, we were considered crazy. That’s completely changing. Now, we’re becoming respected, like poets and directors.” Since 2002, his work has been the highlight of many solo exhibitions and group exhibitions, most recently in London. Hasko has exhibited in solo exhibition at numerous venues throughout Syria. He has also participated in group exhibitions in Iraq, Lebanon and the UAE. The themes in his paintings focus on nature, animals, and mythical figures that are inspired from North Eastern Syria. They are treated mainly in oil paint or mixed media, with low-key colors and defined brushstrokes in compositional clusters.  

Visitors in the presence of neutrality
Hasko Hasko
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