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Issa Halloum
Born in Kuwait in 1968, Halloum studied at the National Institute of Fine Art in Lebanon, where he graduated in 1993. He then went on to attend the Academia di Brera in Milan, where he received his diploma in 1999. The artist has participated in several solo and collective exhibitions throughout the Middle East and internationally, including Lebanon, Kuwait, Qatar the UAE and Italy. His works are featured in several regional and global private collections.

Halloum finds his inspiration in nature. He depicts richly textured landscapes with vivid colours and airy configurations. His works embrace the painting medium, emphasizing the flatness of the canvas. Halloum also paints sculptures and plays with the surface and texture of the materials to render illusions of flatness.
He plays with the concepts of space and depth, while utilizing techniques of chromatic expressionism. He paints from direct observation, carefully studying movement and light, engaging with these elements to produce snapshots of splendid visual experiences rooted in the present moment.

The artist’s oeuvre possesses remnants of art historical traditions and alludes to the works of the Post-Impressionists Cézanne and Gauguin. Halloum’s use of colour is intense and expressive. His application of pigment is generous and his brushwork is energetic. Appeasing and enticing, Halloum’s paintings have a tangible feel, with his use of simplified forms rendered through colour planes. Whether he paints a luminous landscape, a busy market scene, an intimate balcony view or an anonymous sitter, he simultaneously freezes action and emanates bustle.

Halloum’s paintings are expansive, where landscapes and scenes are given room to flourish. However, he skilfully adds a layer to this concept, by giving the impression that the images extend beyond their canvases, symbolizing the abundance of nature. His oeuvre also graphically carries an unfinished quality, further suspending the momentum of the compositions.

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