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Sara Chaar
Born in Miami FL Sara is a Lebanese Visual Artist whose practice spans drawing, painting and video art. She has participated in several collective and solo exhibitions in Lebanon, Copenhagen, Berlin, and Canada including her upcoming participation in the collective “Lumiere du Liban” at the Arab Wprld Institute in Paris, were the work will enter the collection of the Institute Reading into the works of Sara Chaar is like jumping head on into a rumbling stream of consciousness, inhabited by insect-like creatures created with instinctual marks, transferring her impulses and feelings directly onto the work. The process is a cycle of constructing, deconstructing and reconstructing, echoing the never-ending story of Beirut. With construction tools, she accumulates layers of paint and material that work as a foundation that she later on scratches through with screwdrivers, cutters and palette knives, instinctively forcing out transformations leaving behind the memory of her gesture. It is with these textures or realities that Chaar confronts her abstract work. Her work’s aim is to bridge the gap between her poetry and the reality that surrounds her, to discover textures from her environment that tell her a story that belongs to her and that she wants to decipher through her paintings. Out of another crisis, the pandemic, a shattered economy and an uncertain future came a need to put things into a new perspective, in this case a fictional perspective where she uses bold colors as a statement that she likes to call “Imagined Certainty”.
Immediate Release by Sara Chaar
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