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Louna Maalouf

Daughter of Alfred Maalouf, a great Lebanese painter and visionary, Louna Maalouf grew up in a family and environment of artists. Since a young age, art has always been an essential part of her life. In 1988, she obtained her graduate diploma in Fine Arts from Lebanese Academy of Fine Arts (ALBA). Since 1989 and until now, she is committed to teaching at ALBA. She transmits to her students her artistic talent in schools of architecture and cinema. In 1997, Maalouf received a grant as a professor to pursue silkscreen printing and photography at the National School of Fine Arts in Cergy, Paris. She has participated in many group and solo exhibitions. Her work centers on the woman, the city and the citizen, and their role, identity and position in the world. A positive force emanates from her canvases, which portray the city she cherishes beyond all and from which she finds inspiration: Beirut.

Nostalgia for tomorrow by Louna Maalouf
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