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Art on 56th Gallery is an independent visual art gallery in Beirut, Lebanon. It was founded by Noha Wadi Moharram in 2012, and finds its home in a 100-year old building dating back to the French era. Rooted in Gemmayzeh, the capital’s cultural district, the gallery actively keeps Beirut’s spirit alive, by rebuilding and preserving the space after the tragic explosion on August 4th, 2020, stimulating the recovery process and providing a sense of hope to the community.
Art on 56th mission is to support art from Lebanon, the Middle East and beyond, by promoting our artists to an international audience, enriching the art scene and enlivening the country’s creative sector.


Noha Wadi Moharram is a Beirut based gallerist and art advisor with a focus on contemporary art. In 2011, she founded Art on 56th and opened her independent visual arts gallery in 2012 in Beirut, rooted in Gemmayzeh, the Lebanese capital’s booming artistic and cultural neighborhood. Her priority is to present and support emerging contemporary artists. She also represents a roster of local artists to an international audience, focusing on promoting both established and emerging contemporary artists from Lebanon, the Middle-East, and beyond.
In opening a gallery, her mission is to educate and inspire people, especially the younger generation, advocating the instructive and healing powers of art. Since founding Art on 56th, her primary goal has been to achieve gender balance by ensuring an equal representation of both women and men among their artists, thereby fostering inclusivity and diversity in the art world. She believes that art can profoundly move people, by challenging their senses and changing their ability to perceive their scope and nature.
Noha has worked relentlessly with schools, engaging with students and making sure they are exposed to art, to stimulate their creativity, passion and independent thinking.

56th Youssef Hayek Str, Gemmayzeh
Beirut, Lebanon
Tel: +961 1 570331 | +961 70 570 333

Opening hours:

Sunday & Monday closed

For further information, please don’t hesitate to contact us:  
[email protected]
56th Youssef Hayeck Str, Gemmayzeh      Beirut, Lebanon      Tel: +961 1 570 331   +961 70 570 333      [email protected]       Credits      
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