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Tarek Butayhi

Tarek Butayhi, born in 1982, is a talented young artist. He graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts Department of Painting in 2006. He has held group exhibitions in his homeland, Lebanon, Cairo and participated in various solo exhibitions in Syria and Kuwait in 2006. However, his multitude of skills is what brought him to Art on 56ths radar. in 2012, he participated in two auctions sponsored by Jusoor Foundation to support Syrian educational aspirations in Dubai and New York. Tareks work, is characterized by its expressive content and spontaneity. During the painting process, the colours are what define the shapes forming contrast. The series «Figures of Women» are also an essential aspect of his paintings. He breaks stereotypical constraints of the female character through distinct representations in his paintings.








Women on canvas 2015 by Tarek Butayhi
"Women in canvas" by Tarek Butayhi
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