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Yiğit Yazigi

Yiğit Yazici born in 1969 in Bursa, Turkey. He studied painting and graduated from the faculty of Fine Arts in Mimar Sinan University in 1992. Since then he has taken part in over 70 exhibitions in Turkey, New York, Miami, Chicago and San Francisco in the USA, Thailand and Switzerland among other countries around the world. Yiğit explains that he is driven by the sheer delight of sharing his work, “My source of energy is sharing the excitement of my works with people”. In return, his work has gained lots of attention for its functionality; made from everyday objects aimed towards the community it ranges from corporate painting to furniture design. He has also created innovative concepts by using unusual canvases like leather and yacht sails.One of Yiğit’s aims is to give the observer a new perspective by transforming normal, everyday objects into customized works of art. He has a belief that art belongs to the community and is there to make people think. Accordingly Yiğit states that: “A person who thinks makes fewer mistakes; therefore, art is very important for the development of society.”

Kardeşim Beyrut by Pinar Du Pre, Bariş Saribaş and Yiğit Yazici
Layers of a tale
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