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Edgard Mazigi

Born in Beirut in 1955, Edgard Mazigi holds a degree in textile engineering from ESITL Lyon (1974-1978) and a certificate with an excellence in painting award from the New York Studio School of Drawing, Painting & Sculpture, USA (1995-1998). In 1999 he moves back permanently to Lebanon and starts his career as an artist. He now lives and works in Beirut. He regularly has solo shows in Beirut and participates in group exhibitions, juried shows and art fairs in Lebanon and abroad, including the Sursock Museum where he showed in every Salon d'automne the museum has had since 2003.

He has also been teaching drawing at the Université Pour Tous at St Joseph University in Beirut since 2010.


The constant dialogue between abstraction and figuration is at the heart of Mazigi's art: he starts his canvases with totally abstract marks and finds his images while painting. By doing so, he hopes to add an element of spontaneity to his work, and element of unpredictability and perhaps one of mystery.

Untold Stories
Lost and Found by Edgard Mazigi
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