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Mahmoud Hamadani
Born in Iran in 1958, Mahmoud Hamadani is known for his delicate monochromatic ink drawings. Hamadani’s work is inspired by his desire to explore art’s ability to drive the creator in pursuit of potentially unobtainable truths or concepts, such as the attainment of peace and enlightenment. Hamadani’s wonderfully delicate minimalist pieces draw on sources including Chinese painting, Persian poetry and mathematics.

In his latest exhibition, Repetitions and Variations, Hamadani’s work takes on another aspect, that of the musical score. Inspired by the rhythm and movements of music, specifically the works of Johann Sebastian Bach, his pieces feature rhythmic patterns set within a simple structure. Without freedom art cannot thrive, but without structure no system is sustainable, according to Hamadani.

Hamadani’s works are in the collection of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York and The British Museum.
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