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Rafik Majzoub
Born in 1971, Rafik Majzoub is a distinguished Lebanese painter and graphic artist, whose fame, successfully managed to disperse beyond his city of adoption. His paintings are raw, sarcastic and tense, displaying angular, tortured faces as though they were visual translations of Tom Waits’ songs. Majzoub is a self-taught “outsider artist” who claimed an important role in the Lebanese art scene. His contemporary paintings are focused on a character in perpetual quest for himself. Each trait, tonality, drawing and brushstroke leaves an impact, creating the illusion of a work in progress. The unfinished quality of the canvas resonates with the essential incapacity of the human being to accomplish in a world of imperfection, fracture and fragmentation. Majzoub’s dexterity thrives through tension, impatience and velocity. He favors carelessness of the exact calculated detail over the improvised and expressive. The artist currently lives and works in Beirut, Lebanon.
Chronic Blueprint 1995 - 2018 by Rafik Majzoub
Room 11
RAIN ON ME by Rafik Majzoub
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