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Abstraction of Love

Nassouh Zaghlouli merges through this exhibition his passion for his beloved hometown Damascus and photography. It is perhaps the city of Damascus that compelled him to pursue his other passion, in which he dedicated himself to bring out its resplendent beauty, by defining its structure and accessing the core essence of this magical city with a creative eye; adoring its beauty as it reveals to him the secrets unknown to tourists or visitors, not even to its residents who are preoccupied with their daily lives.

Zaghlouli deeply admired Damascus both in presence and absence. His loving gaze and his lens meditated upon this city while it was either bustling with life or very quiet, in its days and nights, in its four seasons, in its entirety or in its parts. He captured its fleeting moments and details for years, yet he always attempted to live up to his love for this city and photography at once, and to indulge his senses by successfully achieving this harmony.

Indeed, Nassouh Zaghlouli succeeded in this exhibition by showing us what love and passion can unfold from the artist who constantly strives to go beyond his own limits, to go beyond what is familiar in art by relating with his subject and tools with passion and devotion, which then allow him to shine and occupy his place in the realm of creation.

Zaghlouli was able to excell in his photography by capturing or recording it a moment, by choosing the right frame, lighting and other aspects necessary to give the picture all of its essential artistic elements. He went even further by complementing his work with a new value that advances both his selection and a new achievement in the world of photography. This value unpacks intensification, refinement and abstraction that magnifies his artwork, whilst doing away with all impurities and additions that blur his vision and focus, for he knows all about this abstraction; the abstraction of love… 

Mouneer Al Shaarani

Silence in Damascus by Nassouh Zaghlouleh
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