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Sara Chaar
"i have a compulsion to create chaos and then bring order to it."
Sara Chaar’s works are an expression of impulses and feelings translated and rendered instinctually through physical movements, abstracted through layers that are built and destroyed several times. By using building materials and tools in her paintings, and by bringing physical parts of the city into the works she thereby creates a context of a sociopolitical nature. Remnants of her daily encounters with sounds, textures, chaotic insect-like limbs appear in her paintings… the need to add a translation to these things that stimulate her is what drives her to paint.

The artist has participated in several collective exhibitions, including Lebanese Talents in 2018. She has had her first solo exhibition in Pouch Cove Canada at the James Baird art gallery and has recently completed a residency at the Pouch Cove Foundation, in Canada.

56th Youssef Hayeck Str, Gemmayzeh      Beirut, Lebanon      Tel: +961 1 570 331   +961 70 570 333       Credits      
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