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Sara Chaar
Art on 56th is pleased to announce the representation of emerging Lebanese artist Sara Chaar. Born in Miami, Florida, she is self-taught and based in Beirut. Her work is devoted to the exploration of the human condition from the female eye. She focuses on the existence in the Middle East from a personal, political and social perspective. Chaar uses her body to express her views, utilizing her fingers to paint, creating a direct dialogue with material, process and realization. Converting her sensations to craft, she transforms feelings into visual language. The works combine linear static elements with areas of blended and blurred monochromatic fields. This produces a dichotomy of the defined and precise versus the undefined and unlimited. Chaar’s oeuvre appear unfinished, as she engages with the viewer and empowers him/her to tell the rest of the story, in an ongoing discussion between object and beholder.

The artist has participated in several collective exhibitions, including Lebanese Talents in 2018. She has had her first solo exhibition in Pouch Cove Canada at the James Baird art gallery and has recently completed a residency at the Pouch Cove Foundation, in Canada.

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