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Exhibitions / Art on Paper a collective exhibition
Noha Wadi Moharram has the pleasure to invite you to Art on Paper, a collective exhibition of works at Art on 56th on December 11th, 2015. For the 3rd anniversary of Art on 56th, we will host Art on Paper, a medium-driven group show that gathers artworks on paper by a number of the artists the gallery represents. Some of these artists include: Mounir Al Shaarani, Tarek Butayhi, Zouheir Dabbagh, Naim Doumit, Nawar Haidar, Nazir Ismail, Zeina Kamareddine Badran, Dyala Khodary, Rafik Majzoub, Edgard Mazigi, Bouchra Mustafa, Abdullah Murad, Mona Nahleh, Fanny Seller, Edward Shahda, Reem Yassouf, Yigit Yazici, Raffi Yedalian, Yamen Youssef and Nassouh Zaghlouleh.
Artworks on paper reveal a sense of spontaneity and a return to simplicity. By embracing the medium and using the material to guide their processes, artists bring their creations to life and proclaim their immediate talent. Art on Paper will serve to illuminate these instantaneous means of conceiving contemporary art and showcase a wide range of pictures in watercolor, gouache, ink, and pencil, and many other drawings, sketches, prints, and photographs of the highest quality and originality.
Happy Holidays from Art on 56th team!
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