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Exhibitions / Summer Selects 2020
Art is a first draft of history and creativity is the voice of humanity. Now, more than ever, it is crucial to spread positivity and give hope to the world.
It is through the message of art in these challenging, unstable and uncertain times, that we can support our community and spread powerful energy.
While we cannot go outside, we can delve into the infinite realm of what’s inside: to explore consciousness, emotion and passion through the creative channel.
Art allows for travel regardless of restrictions, permits safe interaction and bridges social, geographical and political distances. Uniting the inner and
outer worlds, art is ab expression of mankind’s spirit, and is so essential to the progress, development and healing of the world. In this collective exhibition,
we want to use art to ignite the light that is within us all and illuminate the path to hope. The creative dialogue that exists among these works provide
a diverse and colorful visual language to transport viewers away from current unrest, all the while describing intricate versions of the present,
as well as visualizing a future in recovery. Art tells stories; the most important of which are those of now, and those of tomorrow.
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