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Exhibitions / Lebanon - لبنان

                                   Art on 56th is pleased to announce the collective exhibition titled ‘Lebanon’.
                                   Dedicated to its home country, this group show aims to provide different artists with a
                                   platform to express their voice, each sharing their vision on the current events and
                                   hopes for the future of their country. Art is the first draft of history, and in this show,
                                   artists are immortalizing this radical moment in time and paying tribute to the
                                   beautiful and resilient Lebanon.

                                   The exhibiting artists are:
                                    Ahmed Al Bahrani, Mohamed Al Mufti, Siham Ajram, Zeina Kamareddine Badran,
                                    Georges Bassil, Bettina Khoury Badr, Wissam Beydoun, Naim Doumit, Joanna Hayek Fares,
                                    Dyala Khodary, Louna Maalouf, Edgard Mazigi, Rafik Majzoub, Rita Massoyan,
                                    Elias Moubarak, and Ghaylan Safadi.

                                    The exhibiting Designers are:
                                    Johanna Jonsson Abchee, Iyad Naja

                                    The exhibition will run from 14 December 2019 till 25 january 2020
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