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Exhibitions / Beirut Art Fair 2019
 Art on 56th is proud to announce its participation in the upcoming Beirut Art Fair. The gallery will be pleased to present Art on Paper, a collaborative exhibition showcasing works by several Middle Eastern upcoming and established artists, focusing on the versatile medium of works on paper. Dedicated to this organic support, the show will display the artists’ experimentation with material, as well as the proximity and importance of the creative process. Works on paper are not only a sustainable art form, but they also represent first drafts of talent and of visionary liberation.

Art on Paper will exhibit drawings, sketches, mixed media works, as well as some resin, stone and bronze sculptures, united by the premise of the human experience in the world’s current condition. The artists participating will include: Abdullah Murad, Zeina Badran, Alaa Abu Shaheen, Mohamad Omran, Bettina Badr, Dyala Khodary, Edgard Magizi, Edward Shahda, Georges Bassil, Louna Maalouf, Mahmoud Hamadani, Naim Doumit, Nazir Ismail, Rafik Majzoub, Saoud Abdallah, Tarek Butayhi and Zouhair Dabbagh.

Each is in dialogue with his/her environment, shedding light on the state of humanity in a constantly changing and evolving planet. They question the self through expressive use of colour and line, portraying idealistic renderings of an unpredictable time and place. Their works appear unfinished: they serve to unveil diverse creative processes, and, as a result, inherently become markers of the permanent relevance of these ideas. The material is a tribute to evolution, as it may be continually re-worked and decontextualized, but also a testament of conceptual immediacy and freedom of imagination. The art is about progression, and confronts the personal with the universal to produce a layered exchange about both social and environmental concerns.
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