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Johanna Jonsson Abchee
Johanna Jonsson Abchee is a Swedish-Iraqi mirror designer, currently based in Beirut.
Raised in Stockholm, she sought inspiration in her childhood travels, living between Saudi
Arabia, Greece, Laos and Spain. She then moved to Beirut to pursue studies in advertising
and marketing. After getting married and raising three children, Johanna began reflecting
upon her own journey and experiences, both literally and metaphorically, through mirrors.
In this vein, she expresses: “A mirror is the most intimate connection to yourself. It’s
shallow and profound at the same time, presenting you with a choice – to see the superficial
or if you dare, go deeper.” Johanna launched Karma J in 2009 and quickly earned her spot
as a new-coming artist at Beirut’s Design Week in 2014. In 2016, she was then selected
at La Serre in Dubai as an Aspiring Artist for a solo exhibition. That same year, Karma J
was inaugurated in both the commercial and residential sectors in Dubai, as well as Beirut.
She then won the International A Award in Italy for The Rebel in 2016. Her path since teems
with personal and professional growth, through reflections and the conception of new collections.

She affirms:“Since knowledge is as infinite as the universe, the understanding
of self (and of others) is an everlasting journey.”

Johanna Jonsson Abchee
A journey in self reflection by Johanna Jonsson Abchee
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