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Besher Koushaji
Besher Koushaji was born in 1984. Growing up in Syria, he was surrounded and mesmerized by the practice of craftsmanship and the arabesque aesthetic. He began his artistic career by depicting buildings, using linear and geometric techniques to portray familiar houses and streets. However, after having left his home country, he began to study the ways in which memory can influence the depiction of these same subjects. Houses, figures and faces are now drawn from a personal and retrospective lens.
Besher accumulates layers that reflect the growing temporal and spatial distance between him and his home. “My memories are fading away, they are not as clear as before” he says, “it affects the painting as I try to reconstruct the image again”. Koushaji’ s pieces are a clear effort to bridge a distance that’s increasingly difficult to span. They are reflections of things lost or far away; not precise depictions of reachable world, but mirrors that show how it is separated from the artist by time, space and history.
In his upcoming exhibition at Art on 56th, this recent examination of time, place and memory will be showcased.

The gallery will feature an array of paintings that characterize this inner battle between past
and present, as well as the familiar with the conceptual.

"Scene" by Besher Koushaji
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